Few companies fully cost the damage to the bottom line from bad hires.  Use our calculator to reveal yours…

Recruitment Data

0   500Number of employees   x 2

0   50Percentage Staff Turnover past 12 months

0   150Typical Salary [$K Annual]

0   13Weeks of lost productivity for leaving employee

0   13Weeks of lost productivity for joining employee

0   13Weeks of lost productivity for training

0   50Job Advertising Costs[$K] per Annum   x 2

0   50Agency Recruitment Costs [$K] per Annum   x 2

0   50In-house Recruiter Hours per Hire*

0   500Fixed Costs per Hire   x 2

Typical Savings from Expr3ss!

10   100New Staff Turnover Cost Savings [%]

10   100Job Advertising Cost Savings [%]

10   100Recruitment Agency Savings [%]

10   100In-house Recruiter Savings [%]

10   100Fixed Cost Savings [%]

Hiring Costs per Annum

Hires per annum: 
Total Lost Productivity Weeks:
Total Lost Productivity Costs: $
Average Lost Productivity Cost per Hire: $
Total Job Advertising Costs: $
Total Recruitment Agency Costs: $
Total In-house Recruitment Costs: $
Total Fixed Costs: $
Total Costs: $
$0  Total Savings

  Why these Percentages?

  How is this calculated?


Typical Savings Percentages


I am responsible for the company rostering of 600 employees so it is great to find the right people with the right skills and experience to fill our complex rosters. Best of all, the candidates we have been hiring since using Expr3ss! have been such a great match for their role that we have seen our staff turnover reduce by half.

Melanie Pollock - Workforce Forecaster and Planner
West HQ

West HQ …

is the destination for leisure, entertainment, dining, accommodation and business in the heart of Western Sydney.


We save approx 6.5 hrs for every job placement and fill 150 positions a year.  That is a saving in total hours of 975 hours per annum.  At an average all up cost of $25 per hour that means a total cost-saving from using Expr3ss! of $24,375 per annum in time alone.

David Evans - Chief Executive Officer
Spendless Shoes

Spendless Shoes …

with over 200 stores nationwide, is a proudly Australian footwear retailer selling the latest fashion looks for less.  Celebrating over 15 years selecting the right people with Expr3ss!


Using Expr3ss!, whenever we are recruiting we have achieved time savings of at least 300% and in some areas recruiting is five times faster than before.

Ashley Clemmett - General Manager - Member Network Support
O'Brien Electrical & Plumbing

O'Brien Electrical & Plumbing …

is the leading network of electrical and plumbing contractors in Australia and New Zealand.

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